Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Small Update

Just a small update here.

I haven't in general made time for updating this lately. Time being finite and all. And wanting to have something worth saying, not just filler. Suppose though that this post counts as filler. I have some writing related posts I want to make, but as I am a relative nobody in the writing field at this point, I doubt that stuff would get read too much anyway.

I guess the bottom line is that the writing is important, all else is secondary. Until I've "Made It" (TM) all of this stuff is secondary.

I've been working on the midsommer madness over at liberty hall, but at my own pace. I don't know what made me think I'd be able to keep up with their schedule, that lasted about a week. But the projects Mike created for it have been great. I'm just a bit farther behind than the rest. Still working on it Mike!

My wife got me an awesome hand crafted pen for father's day. The middle of the pen is made of wood. It's pictured above. It writes wonderfully. Of course, without me to use it, it serves little purpose. That leads to the obvious conclusion. I must write.

It's funny, but something so little as writing down the date next to my current writing has prompted me to keep at it lately. Having the date there as made me 1) not want to miss a day and 2) want to write at least as much as I did the day previous.

Should mention that the current project is tentatively titled the Dragon Lords. Or it will have another title and be "A Dragon Lords Novel". The bingo story wasn't as done as I'd thought. But now it truly is done, conclusion and all. Need a final read through then I'm sending it out to the wider world.

Thanks to Joshua over at Blue Ink Alchemy for inadvertently prompting this post.


  1. I briefly toyed with the idea of joining in the midsommer madness (I fully intend to do Nano later this year), but detailed outlines have never worked for me. I guess I'm what some would call a "discovery writer."

  2. Hey Kurt, thanks for stopping by.

    I haven't done much outlining either. But then I usually reach a point 4 or 5 chapters in where I sit there and say "what now?" so I am trying to avoid that. I'll likely find my happy place somewhere in the middle.