Sunday, June 27, 2010

and then it got really crazy...

Well. Last Tuesday I was laid off. Along with 30 or so other people. I am still rather surprised that it all happened like that. I haven't wasted any time though and have sent out around 50 resumes. Give or take not really sure how many it has been in total.

So with all the insanity, I haven't take much time to write either. Any concept of a schedule and time I was setting aside for writing has been canned for the moment while I look for work. Maybe next week things will even out. I sure hope so.


  1. That sucks! Hopefully the market out there is better than it is here.

  2. Thank you Mr Langis. Yeah, I saw you were looking too. Sucks that the only thing around there is Intel. Hopefully we both find something soon!

  3. What do you mean the only thing around here is Intel? There's always collections....... AGH!