Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hammer of Had Smiting, +5

I had a real problem here. Some really passive prose featuring my apparent favorite word, *had*. I use it alot. I don't know why, it just crops up in there all the time. Today and yesterday's editing jobs had me knocking out the word had all over the place. But hey, I know what I had better look for in the future, so spotting it will be easy. Right? Like my buddy Duke always says, "Knowing is half the battle!" I wish I knew what the other half was.


  1. Kudos on all the recent progress, Joshua. :-) I can't wait to be finished with novel revisions so that I can bang out some new words myself.

  2. Thanks Kurt! Hey, you're at the point of making novel revisions, that is a feat in itself. I don't read LJ too much anymore, so I am going to add you to my RSS feeds so I can keep up :)